Buy Zenith EL PRIMERO CHRONOMASTER 1969 BOUTIQUE EDITION Watch 03.2042.4061/21.C496

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Zenith EL PRIMERO replica watches

Launched in 2013, the URWERK EMC watch incorporates the world's first mechanical movement with an electronic monitoring system. EMC fully conceived, developed and created by URWERK - for electro-mechanical controls - is the world's first 100% mechanical, precision watch that allows its owners to monitor the timing rate of the movement.

In addition to EMC's traditional instructions - hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve indications - a full-fledged performance indicator is added, delta / delta, and pressed to activate. This patented, ultra-high-precision performance indicator is the number one in the world. The wearer can then easily adjust the movement's accuracy (ratio) by simply rotating the screw on the back.
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URWERK now launches EMC Black. In this watch, the beautifully deconstructed "dashboard" dial of EMC consists of discrete round and crescent dials, in stark contrast to the sophisticated black DLC-treated titanium and steel case.

EMC Deconstructed dialing with four independent indications: Clockwise patrol display, displayed from the upper left corner: Accurate indication of daily -20 to +20 seconds (instantaneous rate delta "?") on demand; Dial second with a balanced second hand; Hours and minutes; and 80 hours power reserve indicator. Turn to the EMC to see the complete internal movement of the integrated circuit board - the EMC "brain" - the top of the two main barrels near the crown and the top of the balance, and the optical sensor around the handle side.

EMC is essentially a precision mechanical watch whose internal movement is conceived, developed and produced by URWERK's studio in Zurich and calibrated by URWERK in Geneva. The movement complies with the most stringent quality control and undergoes five tests of its precision chronograph performance over a 30-day period to ensure it reaches the highest standards of precision replica watches for sale
technical details
Black DLC treated titanium and steel
Size: Width 43mm, length 51mm, height 15.8mm
Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Waterproof: pressure test to 30m / 3ATM
Surface treatment: Shot blasting
UR-EMC Caliber conceived, developed and manufactured by URWERK
Escapement: Swiss lever escapement
Balance wheel: ARCAP P40, linearly balanced coupling optical sensor
Frequency: 28,800 vph - 4Hz
Balance spring: flat
Energy Source: Vertical barrels installed in series
Power reserve: 80 hours
Winding: manual winding
Finishing: Côtes de Genève, Snail, Bead blasting, Polishing bevel on screw head

artificial intelligence
Generator: Maxon® generator with manual charging supercapacitor
EMC System: Optical Sensors Controlled by the Integrated Circuit; 16'000'000 Hz Reference Oscillator
Indication / Function
Hours, minutes, seconds; precision delta, power reserve
Time adjusting screw


URWERK UR-210 AlTiN - Black "Maltese Falcons"

AlTiN - represents a group of metastable hard coatings composed of aluminum, titanium and nitrides - were originally developed for industrial applications. AlTiN coatings have the effect of multiplying the resistance of the underlying metal by scratches, impacts, oxidation and even acids. Inspired by this technical feature, the Swiss watch brand URWERK introduced the AlTiN version of its UR-210 Maltese Falcon model.RICHARD MILLE rm 56-01 sapphire crystal replica watch
The dial of the UR-210 AlTiN has a conventional power reserve indicator at one o'clock. At 11 o'clock we can find a similar sign that the world's first complication indicates the winding efficiency over the past two hours.
Retrograde minutes UR-210 satellite complications are very primitive and completely exploded. The main feature is high-tech, large, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to surround the hourly satellite and indicate the time as it traverses a scale of 0 to 60 minutes. This one-hour journey dates back to a 120 ° arc, smooth and flowing. But by the end of the 59th minute, the true nature of the work came to light. Then a clear "click" indicates that the minute hand is back to the starting point. In less than 0.1 seconds, the hand flew back to the satellite for the next hour.
This lightning retrograde system is based on three key elements:
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• A central shaft mounted in ruby ??bearings provides excellent stability for satellite / retrograde complications. A cylindrical, marine chronometric spring moves vertically about the axis and produces the optimal tension required for retrograde minute retrace.
• The minute hand is also a framework for time-sharing satellites, displaying time in unusual ways. Grinding from aluminum to a tight tolerance of about 3 microns, the entire structure weighs only 0.302g and is balanced by the brass weight. This three-dimensional cage provides rigidity because it transmits energy from the cylindrical fly-back spring in the center of the top of the carrousel to the underlying double-pinion.
• Double coaxial star cam adjusts the retrograde mechanism via transmission, the rotation of which defines the path of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, Double Star jumps under the agency to one of three (three) hockey springs to liberate the next hour's satellite at 0 minutes.
technical details
Material: Titanium and AlTiN
Size: Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
Glasses: Sapphire crystal mirror
: 30m / 100 '/ 3ATM
Surface treatment: satin finish
Movement UR-7.10
Gems: 51
Escapement: Swiss leverage
Balance: single metal
Frequency: 28,800v / h, 4Hz
Balance spring: flat
Power source: single mainspring
Power reserve: 39 hours
Winding system: Self-winding turbines
ARCAP P40; 3D minute hand with aluminum and brass weights; spring steel central cylindrical spiral; hour satellite aluminum; central Carrousel and titanium Class 5 screws.
Surface treatment
Round matte, sandblasted, round and straight satin polishing pad; satin polished and diamond polished satellite; bevel and polished screw head.
Patented Rotating Satellite Complications with Roaming Time and 3D Retrogrades; Power Reserve Indicators; Winding Efficiency Indicators (Patent Pending).
Super LumiNova treatment tag, dial, indicator, hand and satellite
Two position on the crown
Back: Winding efficiency selector
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