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Sun, 04/16/2017

The Navy has since 2014 been testing a 30-kilowatt green laser pointer on one of its warships.For the moment, the lasers being tested are all of about this same.And within six to eight years, US forces could begin using laser systems of more than 300 kilowatts.Another bonus for the military from lasers is the promise of seemingly unending and cheap firepower.
Lockheed Martin has just announced a 60-kilowatt laser pointers weapon that soon will be installed on an Army truck for operational testing against mortars and small drones.Such a laser could knock out a missile sideways on, where it is most vulnerable.The US military is also weighing the possibility of mounting lasers on drones flying at very high altitudes.
But before laser pointers technology can be integrated into combat planes, it must first be shrunk in size.The laser beam used in that technology was generated by chemicals so was not strong enough to take out a missiles.These weapons that are in development focus laser beams onto a target.It was retrofitted with a laser gun to shoot down enemy targets that cost more than $5 billion.
The solution has been to make the lasers rapidly pulse.Laser drilling has long been touted as the industry's next great leap.In this instance, the idea was to use airborne lasers for shooting missiles out of the sky.There has been intense interest in high-powered lasers for oil.The company's design prevents the scattering of the laser as it travels down the fibre-optic cable.
He said due to the amount of time the laser pen was on him he was certain he was "intentionally targeted and that the light obstructed" his eyesight.A 30-kilowatt laser which could destroy a truck or even a flying drone from over a mile away.The first was the sheer difficulty of creating a powerful enough, focused enough, and mobile enough laser platform.
I can study its elemental and structural composition using laser pen analysis.Of all the approaches to energy weaponry, arguably none has generated more interest than laser technology.The appeal of laser weapons is obvious.It's early days in terms of these lasers, and as of yet, we're unsure where they will be deployed first.
When research on green laser pointer for oil and gas applications began in the 1970s, the hydrocarbons produced contained less energy than the laser used to cut or smash the rock.You need an 'isolated pocket' where the laser is not being interfered with by the things it hates.She suggests that high-powered lasers could most likely be used for smaller jobs.