Cris Gambín

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VJ's Profile

Cris Gambín

Spain Europe | Spain | BARCELONA
Work status:
Examples of work:

Areas of Interest

Cinema, Music, Sports and other Leisure themes

Short Biography

I've been working as a Video Journalist since 2007.
I'm interested in everything that takes place in my city, Barcelona.
My current job is in the Barcelona City Council website ( but I can accept some freelance jobs as a Video Journalist or as a Camera Operator, specially for music concerts or short films.
You can check my works on my website:

Skills and Qualification

Expert skills on Final Cut Pro and advanced skills on Final Cut Pro X
Expert skills on Sony 170, Sony Z1, Panasonic P2 and Canon EOS 550D

Journalism Degree (2007)


Canon EOS 550D
iMac equipped with Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and so on
Several filmin stuff as tripods, microphones, focus, etcetera

Languages Spoken

catalan, spanish, english

Public contact



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