Dexter Henry

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VJ's Profile

Dexter Henry

United States North America | United States | Brooklyn
Work status: freelance

Areas of Interest

Sports, news, human interest, entertainment, music, fitness

Short Biography

Dexter Henry is a Brooklyn born and raised, multi-talented video journalist. Dexter obtained a B.A. in Media Communications after graduation from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005 and has over five years of experience in sports journalism both in broadcast and print media. He has written for the Brooklyn View, New York SportsScene Magazine, the Canarsie Courier, and Dexter currently serves as a videographer/sports reporter for and as well as a contributing writer to and creator of his own one-man band video journalist site;

Skills and Qualification

Proficient in shooting on HDV and DSLR Cameras.
Highly skilled Final Cut Pro Editor.
Skilled reporter with great on-camera presence and personality.


Canon XHA1
MacBook Pro

Languages Spoken


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