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VJ's Profile


United States North America | United States | Wilmington, DE
Work status: freelance
Examples of work:

Areas of Interest

Too many to list, although I should note that I don't shoot snakes.

Short Biography

Good day, I'm an Delaware-based videojournalist, photog and writer who specializes in covering disasters and major emergencies worldwide. So it should come as no surprise that I'm also a firefighter and medic. Have valid passport -- will travel. Check out my reel at

Skills and Qualification

25 years of experience shooting documentaries, news features and hard news dealing with the world's bravest. Have served as an embedded journalist in Iraq and covered major disasters in Italy, Haiti, Japan and the USA. I began my career as a live studio director for KYW in Philadelphia, later working ESPN as a Director and TD for a variety of sports. Served as a DP for the CBS series "Rescue/911" and as a videojournalist for CNN.


Panasonic AG-HPX170PJ P2 HD, Canon 7D DSLR, Canon EOS T4i DSLR, FireCam (tm),HD Hero; Complete audio package, Lowell DP Kits, Satchler tripods, field post production using Sony VAIO PC with Sony's VEGAS 11.0 editing software. Interface for satellite or broadband transmission. All equipment is carnet registered.

Languages Spoken

English, Italian, Spanish

Public contact

Lou Angeli Wilmington, DE (USA) 302-339-9231




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