Lebo Diseko

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VJ's Profile

Lebo Diseko

United Kingdom Europe | United Kingdom | London
Work status: freelance
Examples of work:

Areas of Interest

Current affairs, News, Features.

Short Biography

I am a video journalist with more than five years experience both filming and editing. I have made more than a hundred short films for the BBC. I have extensive experience using Z1 cameras and editing on FCP.

Skills and Qualification

My skills include filming (Z1, A3 cameras) and editing (Final-cut Pro, Avid. I spent three years as a VJ for BBC London, where I shot and edited a minimum of one short film per week. Current clients include the BBC and ITN


I am able to shoot on a Z1 camera, and edit on FCP. I am proficient on Avid

Languages Spoken


Public contact

ldiseko1@gmail.com lebodiseko@hotmail.com




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