mark egan

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VJ's Profile

mark egan

United Kingdom Europe | United Kingdom | london
Work status: freelance
Examples of work:

Areas of Interest

sport, politics, pyschology, travel

Short Biography

Ten years ago I was among the first journalists at the BBC to be trained as a Video Journalist. I worked at BBC newsrooms across the UK and teamed up with fellow VJ Dean Arnett to produce some half hour documentaries, some of which were given prime-time slots on BBC 2.

I then began training other video journalists for the BBC College of Journalism. Three years ago I left the BBC to go freelance. I worked on some political programmes for BBC Learning and was nominated for a BAFTA award and European Journalism Prize.

I currently do a mix of training for broadcasters such as the BBC and SKY as well as producing my own content. In 2011 I founded Video Journalist HQ as a global hub for VJs to exchange ideas, show their work and find employment.

Skills and Qualification

BA degree in Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.
BBC accredited lighting course.
BBC live reporting, media law and DSR 450 courses.


Sony EX1, sennheiser radio mics and 416 gun mic, Canon 7D, Igus slider, Flip camera

Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro.

Languages Spoken

English, basic German, basic Afrikaans

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