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VJ's Profile


Croatia Europe | Croatia | Zagreb
Work status: freelance

Areas of Interest

Politics, Enviroment, Architecture, Turisam, life style, Sport, journalisam, video production, Tecnology, Auto moto industry,

Short Biography

For the past 14 years I have continually worked as TV reporter, journalist, author, screenwriter, director, and editor at various TV shows presented at the Croatian National TV
Until presently, I have produced more than 1000 cover s broadcasted within the following TV show programs:

TV show: “ 4 zida” “4 Walls” (TV presenter, Reporter , Author, Editor)
TV show: Rizzi-Bizzi (Author of Project, Reporter & Editor)
TV show: Športerica (Tv presentert, Director , Screenwriter & Reporter)
TV show: Sportske igre mladih (Editor, Author & Reporter)
TV show: Dobre pri?e (Reporter-journalis)
TV show: Boje turizma (Reporter-journalist)
TV show:Brisani proctor (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Dobro jutro Hrvatska (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Dan za danom (Reporter-journalist)
TV: show: Glas domovine (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Jutri?i (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Mali veliki svijet (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Dje?je vjestice (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Coca Cola Music Stars (Host, Reporter , Author)
TV show: Hr.kod (Journalist & Reporter)
TV show: Život u živo sa stilom (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Sve u 16 (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Hrvatska u živo (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Shpitza (Reporter-journalist)
TV show: Novogodišnja poslanica (Author)
Live Show Programme: Dje?ji karneval Opatija (Tv presenter)
Live Show Programme: Do?ek nove godine (Journalist & Reporter)
Live Show Programem: Kraj škole (Tv presenter & Author)
Producer of Film by Jakov Sedlar ”Židovi I Hrvatska” (Jews and Croatia)
Author of making of film ”Creation of first Croatian soap opera ”Vila Maria”
More than 100 recipes for a cooking show at Dobro jutro Hrvatska
(by Almo ?atlak)(Cameraman, Screenwriter & editor)

Skills and Qualification

EDUCATION :Elementary School Marija i Lina in Umag, Croatia
High School “Sheret” Natanya, Israel -Master Italian, Hebrew and English
Advanced Education
Faculty of Law in Zagreb,
Faculty of Journalism (Political Sciences)
Courses, Trainings and Seminars
Internal Course at Croatian National TV (1998)
Informatics Course
Advanced training of film editing and cutting
Course for Tourist Guide in Hebrew for Israeli tourists
Recording at professional digital DV, DV-cam & HD cameras
Editing in Avid, Premiere, Edius programs
In fulfilling various journalistic assignments and tasks I have met many prominent sportsmen, musicians, economists, politicians, actors and generally influential highly ranked persons what provides an enormous capital of contacts for
any potential future project or mission.
I am a full member of HND (Croatian Press Association)


Since extremely motivated to become a member of your team, I believe that with my knowledge, eagerness, ideas and creativity I could contribute to development and improvement of your venture.

I feel confident that, given the opportunity, I could make an immediate as well as a long-term contribution to your business undertaking.

In appreciation of your attention and consideration,
I look forward to hearing from you,


Oleg Weisz


Adobe cs 6
Edius 6

Panasonic AG-HPX 500 P2 camcoder x 5
Sachtler VDEO 15 SB tripods x 5
Panasonic AJ- HPM 100 fieldeditrecorder x 1
Panasonic AV-HS 300 multi format video mikser

Languages Spoken

Croatian, Hebrew, English

Public contact

info@promo-video.tv +385 (0) 91 5404229



Photo Gallery

Oleg Weisz