Tom Chown

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VJ's Profile

Tom Chown

United Kingdom Europe | United Kingdom | Royal Tunbridge Wells
Work status: freelance

Areas of Interest

Factual, Current Affairs, Light Entertainment & Features

Short Biography

BBC trained, Video Journalist Tom Chown is a professional freelance broadcaster with more than
14 years experience of filming, editing and reporting in the UK and abroad. Highly Commended TV
Journalist of the Year 2008 he has extensive experience producing news packages, current affairs
and self-authored features across a wide range of genres.

As a self-shooting film-maker he has the ability to approach each story and programme brief with
the best tools to hand, be it producing an engaging independent film, shooting a fly on the wall
documentary, or interviewing an international musician.

Former Deputy Editor for a Ten Alps IPTV pilot he produced short videos covering political,
educational, cultural and human interest stories in the shire county of Kent. Working with this
emerging technology Tom remains at the forefront of video for web developments.

Employed by the BBC for 5 years Tom worked across news, documentary, online and investigations.
In 2006 he travelled to Base Camp Barneo in the North Pole to produce a series of features for BBC
News 24 and Nations & Regions. The footage was edited remotely in Svalbard and filed over the
internet to the UK within 24 hours, a global first for getting pictures from 90°N.

Skills and Qualification

Independent film-maker
Producer/Director at Rocket Science/TwoFour Group
Video Journalist for Press Association and AFP
Self-shooting Assistant Producer
Former Deputy Editor of a Ten Alps IPTV pilot
Producer/Director of the BBC North Pole Marathon series
Broadcast Journalist for BBC Where I Live and Video Nation


Sony Z5E, Radio Mic's, MK416, Tripod & Glidetrack
MacBookPro with Final Cut Pro

Languages Spoken


Public contact +44 (0)7976 570373



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